I love that moment when the lights go down and the curtain comes up. Don’t you? 

I love it whether I’m on stage or in the audience, because either way, the story is about to begin. I see life as a series of scenes: some with fabulous costumes, some with witty lines, others that I wish I could edit out. This is where I try to find the stories, pin down the scenes just right.

Hey! I’m Sarabeth, and I’m a little dramatic.

Sarabeth-Jones-about-bio pic | sarabethjones.com

I’m a writer, director, actor, photographer, designer, speaker, and dreamer. I tell people I’m a creative because that’s easier to say. I love doing artistic work of many kinds, dabbling in lots of different things.

Day to day this work happens at a church I hold dear, Fellowship North. It’s been part of my story since high school, and its people are family to me. It’s not perfect, but it is a place of love and grace, a place that knows the power of story and art. It’s a place that’s trying to right the wrong of racial division, felt particularly here in the South. I am grateful to be a part of it.

I write about a lot of different things here, because I’m interested in a lot of different things. Most of the time, it ends up coming back to faith or art, some new place I’ve been or a funny story about my family.

Speaking of my family, they’re pretty great.

About Sarabeth Jones: family picture taken by Whitney Loibner Photography | sarabethjones.com Bryan and I met in college at Baylor and have grown up together ever since. He is both taller and kinder than me, and loves me into being a better person. Also, he can always make me laugh, which is a necessary life skill if you share a home with me during the winter months.

Together, we’ve expanded our crazy tribe. Elizabeth is our budding musician and photographer, about to head out of our house toward adventures of her own. We took an epic trip together to Scotland, Paris, and Kenya in the summer of 2014. Jonathan loves to learn and debate, and devours books faster than we can get them from the library. Will is a sketcher and designer, and always trying to find the funny. All of our kids have loved being a part of eStem Charter School in downtown Little Rock.

I love some extracurricular activities, too! Taking pictures of my favorite people and places, at home or abroad, makes me happy. I find FAM trips super fun, especially when I get to travel with my favorite Arkansas bloggers. I found out I really like to speak when I went to Athens with TBEX in October of 2014. I am a fan of the mission of Listen To Your Mother, so I serve as the director for the Little Rock show. Local theater? Count me in. Invite me for some drinks on the patio and I might never leave.

My heart is to find and share beauty, to laugh hard, to connect people to their own souls and to each other. I’m so glad you’re here and looking around. Got a question? Email me. You might also want to keep up by subscribing to these fun little updates.

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  1. James Mills

    While shopping in Greensboro, NC, at an antique store with my wife, I found an image of a lion that had been done in what appears to be pencil and framed in barn wood. The image appears to be done on brown paper. There is also a small yellow business card on the back that reads Pen and Ink Drawings Dallas Texas 75231 and the name Sarabeth Jones in the left corner. The lion image is also signed in the right corner (printed) Sarabeth Jones. I purchased the framed image for $10.00 (My question, are you the artist? And if so do you recall when you did same. I purchased the lion for my grandson’s age 6 bedroom. We both like lions. Anyway, thought I’d see if by chance this was your work. Thanks, James Mills Thomasville, NC (I’m also on facebook and would be glad to send you a copy of the image if it turns out to indeed be your art.