at the heart of it {design: brochure}
at the heart of it {design: brochure}

at the heart of it {design: brochure}

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at the heart of it {design: brochure}

I got to design a new booklet for church recently – quite the process, trying to capture the wonder of an entire complex, flawed, beautiful family in just a few small pages.


On the other hand, Amy and I did get to look again at so many wonderful photos of faces we love (Click images to enlarge). Many of these photographs were taken by Amy; others were taken by various people on Faith In Action Sunday on October 12.






Look for them in the morning – we hope you love it as much as we do!


  1. Thanks! I really love it too…

  2. melany

    It’s the best I”ve ever seen.

  3. must be magic just like you friend…

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