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this one goes to eleven

So, a couple of weeks ago, it was Elizabeth’s birthday.  And, we used the magic man’s connection to take some buddies to Magic Springs.

I’ve been meaning to tell you about it ever since.

My faithful friends Rhonda and Michelle joined me for the day. Michelle even drove a carload up from NLR to the Springs for me, although apparently her drive was much quieter than mine. She actually listened to some tunes. Guess who didn’t have 5 about-to-start-middle-school girls in her SUV.

the one right next to her? known since before she was born.

If you had been in the other SUV, you might have heard this:

[upon hearing Vanessa Hudgens’ Sneaker Night]

girl:  Ohmygosh I HATE this song!

other girl:  I LOVE this song!

first girl:  I know, I HATE it, but I LOVE it too!

Or maybe this:


Then:  Do you think they could hear us?  I don’t think they heard us.  LET’S DO IT AGAIN!

Say you skipped the car ride and just met us at Magic Springs (good thinking, Rhonda); there were still some fine statements to be made.  Surprisingly, many were from the staff.

[at the Arkansas Twister, RIGHT before we were to board]

Sorry folks, we got to shut this thang down.  Gotta check a couple boards.

You have to check a couple of boards?  The ENTIRE RIDE is made of wood.  Yikes.

Like that look on Will’s face?  Maybe it’s because he heard the ride operator say:

This one’s gonna have to close for a minute.  We’re hearing a funny sound.

Sensing a theme here?  Despite the rather high ratio of closed to not closed rides, we persevered.  After all, some of us go for the big big thrills…

Some of us for the not-quite-so-big…

And some of us, I suspect, were in it for the photo ops.

Some things you might want to remember when taking girls of a certain age to an amusement park for the day:

Don’t think you have something cool to contribute to the conversation.  You definitely DON’T.

Do be prepared to spend 50 dollars on 2 pizzas.  That’s some crazy math, people.

Maybe you should bring an extra pair of shoes.  Or at least check the ones your own daughter one of the girls happens to be wearing, because they might just be her most uncomfortable ones, the ones that rub a blister on her foot, causing her to limp dramatically through the park.  So then your youngest son might have to take a turn wearing them.  Did I mention that they have flowers on them?  And then eventually they might rub a blister on him, too, so that finally you end up wearing them.  Yes, you.

And finally, don’t – DO NOT – be naive enough to think that possibly a day spent in the heat riding roller coasters and swimming would possibly wear said girls out enough that your drive home will be quieter than your drive up.  Because it won’t.  It will be LOUDER.

Good thing there’s an eleven on that dial…


  1. drying my tears through the laughter…

  2. rhonda

    I loved that day!!! Laughing so hard reading and remembering everything you blogged. Thanks for a fun day.

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