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friday faves: long time no see

Oh internet, you moody script writer, I love you. Let’s see what you had to offer this week! (This particular collection of friday faves is definitely not all from this week, but when you haven’t posted a friday faves in oh, forever, then I don’t think you get to be picky.)

It’s February, so let’s remind ourselves how high school scars us for life: no seriously, this is an absolutely fascinating read on how our teenage brains intersect with the peculiar society that is American high school. (via @amybhole)

Speaking of high school – LEONARD! The magic of the olive long sleeve.

Hair, Black History Month, and Jesus: THIS. Such a picture of what it means to matter, and how simply we can reach across racial lines. This needs to happen over and over and over again.

People of color often say that the difference between mattering and marginality in multi-ethnic contexts is not determined by blatant overtures and verbal words of welcome. It’s determined by the little things, like listening well, learning about the history, experiences and concerns of people whose lives bear little resemblance to your own and then caring about them as if they’re your own.

What are you waiting for? Well, stop: advice that I’m trying so hard to take myself.

Dance like nobody’s watching. Seriously. Do it: I think maybe my February would be vastly improved if I did this. Or at least watched this video every single day.

And of course, Twitter. I can ALWAYS count on you.








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