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friday faves

Oh internet, you overly enthusiastic backup dancer, I love you. Let’s see what you had to offer this week!

“I’ve come to believe that each person has a spotlight waiting for them.” Of course I’m going to love this post – a little go out there and do what you do like only you can do inspiration from Katherine Stone (via Kyran Pittman).

Because, if you go out there and grab your spotlight, who knows? You could end up creating something awesome like this: ok yes, it’s another flash mob, but I promise, the payoff is SO WORTH IT.


I hope my friend Jerusalem is paying attention to these tips, now that her brand new book has hit the big time. Yippee! You can join in the fun at her book launch party Saturday night at The Shoppes at Woodlawn from 6:00-9:00 pm. See you there!

And of course, Twitter. I can ALWAYS count on you.


Forget the groundhog or calendar,the true first day of spring is the day you realize you have to start shaving above the knee again.

— jobeth mcelhanon(@bootsmc) March 28, 2013

Conway’s hottest new club is “Toddler.” It has everything. Bubbles, blueberries, fire trucks, mailmen, goldfish.

— Jamie Gates (@chambergates) March 30, 2013

A neighborhood kid took many of the eggs we hid at @chloebear’s house, so my next mission is hunting them down dressed as the Easter Bunny.

— Aimee Giese (@Greeblemonkey) April 1, 2013

If I had one Easter wish, it would be that everyone loved Jesus. But, if I had a second, it’d be that I hadn’t shut my arm in the car door.

— Audreya (@audcole) April 1, 2013