just sharing

just sharing

There is something to be said for someone who can consistently make me snort with laughter while staring at my computer screen. So…I guess I’m saying that something: Go read The QC Report. Written by Quinn Cummings, a former child actress who now lives and writes in Los Angeles, this blog is precise and hysterical. The details in her stories and the words she chooses to tell them…you can feel her putting all the pieces right into place. I’ve been meaning to pass her writing along to you for awhile, her latest post is a great place to start.

Also, while on our annual trip to the land of my husband’s birth, I read a wonderful book that I’ve been meaning to read for a long time. I know I’m about 5 years behind everybody else on this, but if you haven’t read The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver yet – please do. Wonderful, absorbing story that made me feel as if I actually lived with 4 sisters in the African Congo. Amazing.

And finally, I am just in the beginnings of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – a small miracle of a Christmas gift, just given to me by a friend who didn’t know that I had picked it up countless times in various stores in December, and then kept putting it down, because I knew people with copies, and because you don’t buy yourself stuff before Christmas… And now I have it, and it’s wonderful. I’m having to pace myself, a la Annie.

Good writing is such a wonder, isn’t it? The magic of words on a page – both for those who give, and for those who receive…


  1. i’m about to read some qc. i liked her when she was a kid actor — haven’t seen her in years. i look forward to laughing with you over her stories.

    btw, i forgot to say congrats on the new site. looks great. i’ve updated you on my blogroll. (do i need to point out that now you and bryan are alphabetically next to each other? if we can keep drummer dude from starting a blog, it’ll stay that way!)

  2. hollar when you’re done reading eat,pray, love.  i haven’t read yet and have been dying to after seeing her on an episode of oprah.

  3. my wife

    ain’t no holla back girl

  4. Melany

    Bryan-you don’t even know her….

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