Listen To Your Mother

Public speaking / performance, directing, and graphic design as a part of the Listen To Your Mother franchise.

My performance of “A Perfect Fit,” my short story, as a part of the LTYM Northwest Arkansas show in 2013.

Listen To Your Mother was a nationally franchised storytelling stage show. We brought it to Little Rock.

From 2007-2017, licensed Listen To Your Mother teams held auditions, gathered sponsorships, partnered with local charities, and directed and produced a 90 minute show featuring true stories written and performed by local authors. National parameters were given for every aspect of the show, and all design assets associated with it. I was involved with LTYM in multiple ways: as a cast member in 2013, as the Little Rock Director from 2014-2016, and as graphic design support for all cities who needed it in 2016-2017.

Onstage as the director of the LTYM Little Rock show in 2014.

Poster design for LTYM San Antonio. I provided national graphic design support for LTYM; assisting both the national team with and individual cities with graphics for printed and online use.

Exterior layout of LTYM San Antonio show program.
Interior layout of LTYM San Antonio show program.