design: go team!

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design: go team!

Recently, a precious friend asked me to design a logo for her relay team for the upcoming LR Marathon. I said yes immediately, knowing that JoBeth has a wonderful sense of style and would be great fun to collaborate with. We were off and running, with the name Team Fancy and a little bit of French inspiration.


I won’t lie. I was as excited as a kid when I realized the Eiffel Tower makes a perfect A. And for my Paris-loving friend, I knew that was going to be perfect.


The shirts came in the other day, and these are JoBeth’s pictures of them (by the way, I highly recommend following her on twitter and instagram if you enjoy lovely words and images). I love how each team member has their own number on the front.


These girls are going to look great on Saturday – good luck and have a great run!


  1. Too cute! Simple and elegant. I love them. Of course, I’ve made my obsession with the eiffel tower no secret.

  2. Pretty durn cool! 🙂

  3. we looked fabulous!  I’m sure I was faster because I looked so tres chic  – thanks to you!      We all loved them and can’t wait to rock our fab logos on can koozies, hoodies,  the “fancy” merchandise knows no limits.  🙂