friday faves [08.09.2013]the dramatic

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friday faves

Oh internet, you simpering lead actress, I love you. Let’s see what you had to offer this week!

Attention fellow old people: Shake your walking-stick in rage along with Oliver Burkeman over how those young people talk about the internets.

Words are hooks, words are levers: This is such a great explanation by Seth Godin of why the wordy words are SO IMPORTANT.

Hipster logo:

hipster logo guide: friday faves Need a logo? No worries. Here’s a handy guide that will have you up and running in 6 easy steps! 

Shoot Christians say: Not brand new, but it surfaced in my office again recently and it’s still hilarious. I feel like I’m back at Baylor when I watch this…

Speaking of stuff Christians say: Here’s one of my favorites with parenting advice that I really needed to hear this week.

Do not fear if your family or your children color outside the lines or wander down unlikely roads or take risks when everyone else is going the safe route.


Around the dramatic this week: I loved every minute of my #RogersGetaway last weekend and am so grateful to the Rogers CVB for hosting me! I will be sharing pics and stories soon, but I hope you got to see all our Instagramming and have entered for a getaway of your own!

  Sarabeth Jones at Spa Botanica during the Rogers Getaway! (photo by @kyranpittman)
Hope you have a great weekend and get in some cuddle time of your own!
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  1. I died over the Hipster Logo when you posted it on Facebook – so funny because it’s so true!

  2. Shut the front door! That video Shoot Christians Say is HILARIOUS!

  3. Um. I am SMITTEN with that photo of downtown Rogers from the Daisy Museum.

    It made me so happy to watch all of you fall in love with the simple things I love so much about Rogers. Seriously – watching y’all press your noses to the windows, stop to take pictures of the brick streets and just soak in all the simple goodness made. my. week.

    Great post!

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