I still don't wear Wranglers, though

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I still don’t wear Wranglers, though

I learned a lot of things during my college years at Baylor, but one of the most interesting lessons occurred upon moving in with my freshman year roommate, Jennifer. I hadn’t met her before, although somehow we had communicated enough to show up with coordinating bedding.

It’s important to have your priorities straight, people.

Anyhow, Jennifer came to Baylor from Pflugerville – if you’re familiar with Texas (which I wasn’t), you know that Pflugerville is just north of Austin on I-35. You would probably also know (I didn’t) that you say that first syllable floooog, completely ignoring the P, and not puh-flug, like it looks. Young Jennifer had been quite the basketball player for Pflugerville High, and had been given a scholarship to come play in Waco.

It sort of felt like meeting someone from a foreign country. We had no frame of reference for each other. I had never played team sports, never worn wranglers, never owned a pair of boots.

She had eight.

EIGHT PAIRS of ropers, a word I had never even heard before. In my town, only the kids who went to the county high school wore boots; they hadn’t crossed my mind as a wardrobe option.

They came in every color: red, black, two different shades of blue. Her favorites were the yellow pair, autographed by George Strait. And even though it was quite the culture shock at first, in time I too would come to love George, and Jennifer, and so many things Texas.

Even boots.

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  1. I wish I had a similar story about my freshman roommate from Austin but we hated each other all throughout college. But since it was a small school it was one of those mean girl hates where you pretend to like each other for the sake of civility. But put us in a room for more than a few hours and we’ll probably kill each other!

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