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market street cinema & the beauty of yelp reviews

Bryan and I went out last Friday with another couple that we love. Rhonda and I worked together for several years at Fellowship North, and we celebrated our 40th and 50th birthdays together on a cruise a couple of years ago. Bryan and Bobby love to talk all manner of sports. And, we have the same wedding anniversary – married 10 years apart on the same day. So we went out to celebrate, as our 20th and their 30th are coming up this week.

We started off at The Pantry – which was lovely if you haven’t been, delicious food, beautiful atmosphere and really not even that expensive. Then we were headed to see a documentary about backup singers called 20 Feet From Stardom which sounded like it was going to be amazing (and, frankly, the story of my life…). It was playing at Market Street Cinema.

Some of you know where this is going already. And to be fair, Bryan did try to warn us. You want to go to Market Street? he asked. You know it doesn’t have air conditioning, right?

I’d like to say (on the occasion of my 20th anniversary, especially) that I always take my husband seriously and never brush his opinions aside as exaggeration or attention-seeking. But I would be lying. No air conditioning? I said, PLEASE. Nobody can run a business in Arkansas in the summertime without air conditioning.

Well friends, I’m here to tell you that yes they can. They can, while also serving you possibly 2 day old popcorn and all-cappsing you that they ONLY TAKE CASH NO CARDS ATM IN LOBBY FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. (In my opinion, what would be slightly more convenient would be air conditioning or taking an actual debit card, but you know, whatever.)

It was comical, really, and only kept getting more so. Once we sat down in the theater, I thought I have to write about this place. And then it occurred to me that someone probably already had. I’m not sure I’ve ever truly appreciated the art form that is Yelp reviews. It’s definitely worth your while to click over and read them all – I’ll just include this gem as a preview:

if you are accustomed to megaplex theaters like The Rave or even newer UA cinemas, this place will seem like a dump.  It’s an old UA theater that is now independent.  I suppose that’s part of it’s charm.

However, what is NOT part of the charm is that the theater smelled like humidified ass. No joke. They had that theater packed all day and I was coming in to the last showing. Wow, what a smack in the face. It took quite a while to get used to that… but I wanted to see the movie to I tolerated it. I don’t know what the deal was, but it was as if they weren’t circulating the air in there at all. 

Ha, ha, Yelp reviewer, you’re exactly right! They weren’t! See these handy tips?

Yelp Tips For Market Street

Here’s what I learned:

  1. The central Arkansas independent/foreign film watching community is to be congratulated for their dogged determination – that review I quoted? Was written in 2008. 5 years ago and the place is still open. I bear no malice toward Market Street, but seriously – that’s amazing.
  2. 20 Feet From Stardom was so good. Fascinating. I highly recommend it (99% tomato rating)! Maybe you can see it on vacation in another city. Or find it on Netflix soon. Or wait for a cool day.
  3. Next time, I might read the Yelp reviews BEFORE I go. Or maybe even listen to my husband. Maybe not, though – I haven’t laughed that hard in a really long time…


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